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Why Buying Original Paintings From An Artist Can Be Better Than Commisioning Work

There is no better way to decorate your home or business than with work from a local original paintings artist. Not only does it have a unique, one of a kind nature, but it also can capture a mood, feeling or moment in time that you never would have thought of before you saw it. An original paintings artist will often do commissions if you ask, but quite often this is a waste of their talents. Not because they can't do the work you want, far from it, but because you are narrowing this vision and restricting their ability. Here are a few reasons why buying already completed work from your original paintings artist is often the best choice. 

More Honest

For art lovers, it is easy to spot when a piece is commissioned because, more often than not, there is less original flair and technique found in them. That is not to say your idea is bad, but simply that your artist will never have the same passion or vision that you do for the piece. They might get an outline of what you want, sure, but the spark and love behind the work will always be different than something that they created on their own. Instead, why not go through their current works and see if you find anything that captures the feeling you wanted but in a different light. You may be surprised at how much more you like an artist's original pieces.

Better Outcome

The main problem with a commissioned piece of art is that you never know whether you will actually love the finished product as much as you loved the idea. It is one thing to have an image of something in your mind and it is quite another to see what that idea looks like in a physical form. Sometimes even with the best intentions and highest quality talent, you don't get exactly what you want. By browsing already completed works, you know exactly what you are getting from the beginning. 

Unique Perspective

People go to local artists because they want an interesting idea or theme captured in artistic form. Getting a fresh take on some emotion or moment in time is always invigorating for those that love art and that is why there is a never-ending hunt for talent across the globe. If you come across someone whose work you really love, then support them for their work. An original paintings artist goes through a lot of trials and tribulations to get where they are and knowing their perspective is valued can be very rewarding. Limiting them to your ideas can be fun, but the result will never be the same as why you fell in love with that artists work in the first place.